'My name is Sila.....' - Pencil, Watercolour and Wool on Viscose - 20 x 25 cm


Susanne Maria Wolf studied at The National College of Art in Dublin, Ireland, The Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp, Belgium and The Academie Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.
She has been living and working in The Netherlands since 1998.

Susanne Maria Wolf is working primarily with the media of drawing, sculpture and installations.
The subjects in her work refer to social issues such as identity and clinical pictures. Physical and psychic aberrations and disorders are being concealed, covered and suppressed. They are also altered and manipulated due to the high and unrealistic standards of a human ideal that in our society has been elevated to a level of normality.
Her choice of materials is dependent on her subject matters. Highly skilled in the use of techniques and materials, she is mainly working with paper, textiles, hair, wax and silicone.
Her work often carries traces of a turbulent ‘past’ such as stains, scars and ravels. With these elements she is suggesting a high measure of authenticity. Due to this, the viewer is confronted with personal and even intimate images.


TOEKOMSTDENKEN - Zaal Zuid, Hengelo OV, The Netherlands.
‘DiVCult’ - Prins Bernhardplantsoen, Hengelo OV, The Netherlands.
Summer opening New Dakota: Corona Archives - Passage, Amsterdam,The Netherlands.



1987 - 1989
Royal College of Art, Antwerp, Belgium, sculpture and drawing.
1988 - 1989
Royal College of Art, Antwerp, Belgium, Diploma in Education.
1983 - 1987
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland,
B.A. - Honors, Fine Art Painting.
1985 - 1986
School of the Associated Arts, St. Paul, Minn, USA,
Students Exchange Programme.
1986 - 1987
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland,
Diploma - Painting.
1981 – 1983
Minerva College of Art, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Chinese Brush Painting, Singapore, a three months intensive course.


1984 - 1986
The National Wax Museum Dublin, costume, figure sculpture and
tableau construction, Dublin, Ireland.
The Gaiety and the Olympia Theatres Dublin,
costume and stage props construction, Dublin, Ireland.
Clonmacnoise Visiting Centre,
small figure sculpture, Clonmacnoise, Ireland.
The Abbey Theatre Dublin, 'Yeats Theatre Festival'
puppet construction and stage props.


The Council of Kampen, The Netherlands.
The Art Library Zwolle.
Först Lighting Techniques, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Private and public aquisitions: U.S.A., Ierland,
United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium,
Turkey and The Netherlands.


I.O.N.T.A.S Drawing Award Fourth National Art
Competition 1993, Sligo, Ireland.



TOEKOMSTDENKEN, Zaal Zuid, Hengelo OV., The Netherlands.
DivCult, Prins Bernhardplantsoen, Hengelo OV., The Netherlands.
Het Tekenkabinet 7th Edition 2019, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Het Tekenkabinet 6th Edition 2018, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
International Hanseatic Exhibition, Rostock, Germany.
Het Tekenkabinet Fifth Anniversary Summer 2017, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Het Tekenkabinet Fifth Anniversary Summer 2017, Museum Waterland, Purmerend, The Netherlands.
Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp Münster, 'Wendy', Münster, Germany.
'Heroes in the Seaweed', Blauwdruck The Gallery, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
'KLEM', Installation on location, Kampen, The Netherlands.
Municipal Musea, Kampen, The Netherlands.
Rijssens Museum, Rijssen, The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
'Mangle', Installation in a Wall House, Elburg, The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
Art Arnhem
Gallery Art-Isotope, 'Art-Spanner', Dortmund, Germany.
Ausstellungshalle Hawerkamp, 'Vogeltje en Dwangbuis',
Münster, Germany, (duo - exhibition).
The Municipal Gallery Kampen, The Netherlands.
'The Poet J.C. Bloem', Lustrum Award Exhibition,
Zwolle, The Netherlands.
E.M. Gallery, Drachten, The Netherlands.
Gallery de Medici, Nunspeet, The Netherlands.
The Municipal Gallery Eilat, Israel.
The Frans Walkate Archive Kampen, The Netherlands.
Tabacco Museum, 'Taste', Kampen, The Netherlands.
The Municipal Gallery Kampen, The Netherlands, (duo - exhibition).
The Municipal Gallery Schönaich, 'Animal', Germany.
The International Institute of Social History Amsterdam,
The Netherlands, (duo - exhibition).
'Young Autonomous', Installation 'We can't Breathe', Zwolle, The Netherlands. 
The University of Wageningen, WUR Entomology Building,
drawing, sculpture and installation on location, Wageningen,
The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
Gallery Art-Isotope, Dortmund, Germany.
Rabobank Heerenveen, The Netherlands.
Olio Restaurant, Didim, Turkey, (solo - exhibition).
KNSTspr Hardenberg, The Netherlands, (duo - exhibition).
The Arts Council Overijssel, 'Focus 2 - Drawing as an Autonomous Action', 
Zwolle, The Netherlands.
The Municipal Gallery Kampen, exhibition of acquisitions of
the Council of Kampen 2001- 2006, The Netherlands.
Rabobank Zwolle, The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
The Arts Council, Overijssel, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
Ludwigskapelle Wachenheim, Germany.
The Municipal Gallery Kampen, The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
The Milk Factory Arnhem, The Netherlands, (installation on location).
Gallery Art-Isotope, 'Organic Concaves', Dortmund, Germany.
The County Hall Zwolle, organized by The Arts Council Overijssel
Zwolle, The Netherlands.
The Arts Council Nijmegen, members exhibition, The Netherlands.
Theater Purmerend, print exhibition, Purmerend, The Netherlands.
Graphic Studios Kampen, print exhibition, Kampen, The Netherlands.
Gallery van Koert & van Koert, 'Zoo' drawing exhibition,
Elsloo, The Netherlands, (solo - exhibition).
Gallery Country Estate Lauswolt, 'Horses', Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands.
Gallery Hoogenbosch Gorredijk, The Netherlands.
The Royal Hibernian Academy Gallagher Gallery Dublin,
'National College of Art and Design 250 Years' Dublin, Ireland.
Sligo Art Gallery, I.O.N.T.A.S, travelling show, Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Derry, Ireland.
EV+A Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, Ireland.
The Hallward Gallery, 'The Figure' , Dublin, Ireland.
Claremorris Gallery 'Claremorris Open' , Ireland.
Sligo Art Gallery and The Royal Hibernian Academy Gallagher Gallery,
I.O.N.T.A.S., Dublin, Ireland.
Sligo Art Gallery, I.O.N.T.A.S., travelling show, Belfast, Dublin, Ireland.
Pantheon Gallery Dublin, Ireland, (solo - exhibition).
Minerva Sculpture Award, Banque Brussel Lambert Antwerp, Belgium.
The National College of Art and Design, 'Graduate Show', Dublin, Ireland
Temple Bar Galleries, 'On Your Marks' , Dublin, Ireland.



of the project FUTURE THINKING

2019 – 2020

A project for visual artists from the provinces Drenthe and Overijssel including exhibitions, masterclasses and lectures.
In collaboration with The Arts Council Drenthe and 'Stichting Beeldruimte', The Netherlands.

CURATOR AND INITIATOR of the exhibition ‘In Dialogue – Reactions on pieces of the Museum collection’

(In Gesprek- Reacties op collectiestukken)

17/11/2012 – 16/3/2013

The starting point of the exhibition ‘In Dialogue – reactions on pieces of the Museum collection’ was to create a link between contemporary art and historical objects, p.e. paintings, clothing, architecture and other collection items in the Museum Elburg. Contemporary artists were asked to choose an object that triggered their interest and to create a 'reaction' in any discipline or material. Among the selected artists were: Karin Suter, Guda Koster, Marli Turion, Nathalie Brans, Johannes van Vugt, Balta, Lee Eun Young.


Community Art Project ‘ON THE MOVE’
June - September 2007

“ON THE MOVE” has been initiated in cooperation with the Housing Corporation deltaWonen, Zwolle, The Netherlands.


2019 - 2020
FUTURE THINKING, Figurehead of this art project in collaboration with the Arts Council Drenthe and 'Stichting Beeldruimte', The Netherlands.
2010 - 2012
Museum Elburg, curator exhibitions, Elburg, The Netherlands.
‘ON THE MOVE’ Community Art Project, Project leader, commissioned by the Housing Corporation deltaWonen, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
1990 - 1997
Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Technology, lecturer in Life drawing, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
1999 - 2005
Visiting Artist in Schools, art project and exhibition of children's work at Museum Gorredijk. Commissioned by The Council of Opsterland, Friesland, The Netherlands.
The College of the Bahamas, visiting lecturer, Nassau, Bahamas.
The National College of Art and Design, visiting lecturer, Ireland.
1991 - 1997
Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Technology, lecturer in Fine Art, Design and Model - making, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
1996 - 1997
Critical Access - experimental arts, founder and member, (organizing committee of artist’s interventions in non - gallery spaces), Dublin, Ireland.
The Fire Station Artists’ Studio’s, Buckingham St., visiting lecturer, Dublin, Ireland.


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